An open letter to our Family, Friends, Colleagues and Clients on this special occasion

by | Apr 1, 2016 | Law Alerts, Notables & Events

With great pride and appreciation, we are celebrating today the 14th anniversary of the establishment of our law firm, Schwarzberg & Associates, on April 1, 2002. I wanted to reach out to each of you and share some heartfelt thoughts.

We have been blessed to have had the opportunity to work hard together to be of service to incredible clients and friends. We remember innumerable acts of kindness, understanding, and support of which we have been the beneficiary. We treasure the loyalty shown to us and hope that all those with whom we have worked together feel that we have been there for them. We are thankful to our friends, colleagues and staff who, over the years, have helped make us be better lawyers and counselors.

A day doesn’t pass where we are not mindful of the challenges that each of us faces. Experience is a great teacher. Working closely with you, our clients and friends, we have developed profound respect for all of the sacrifices you have made to succeed and the contributions you have all made to help improve our world. We recognize what you all have done to survive and thrive, often under difficult circumstances. We applaud you for comporting yourselves with integrity, character and sensitivity and express appreciation for your having given us the opportunity to be a part of your endeavors.

Our firm would not be celebrating today were it not for the longstanding dedication of our clients and friends, which has allowed us to persevere and accomplish to achieve what we have set out to do for our clients. More than ever, we reaffirm our steadfast devotion to our clients and friends and renew our assurance to be there for you as you have been there for us.

With sincere wishes for your continued good health and your personal and professional fulfillment, we remain

Cordially, on behalf of our entire firm.

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