It’s tough being Queen of the jungle.

by | Aug 1, 2016 | Advertising, Schwarberg & Associates

Today’s workplace is an increasingly wild one, rife with potential predicaments.

Keeping your company ahead of the pack is a constant challenge, and women often face additional hurdles. Stay in the lead, and you just might qualify for bragging rights as the Business Woman of the Year.

biz-woman-of-the-yearPart of staying in front is keeping order in the pack: ensuring your business complies with the array of laws governing the workplace.

Whether it’s evaluating exposure for overtime compensation, retaliation or discrimination claims, seeking enforcement of non-compete agreements, employee training, updating handbooks – or you are already facing workplace litigation – our team of employment law litigators (four of whom are women) is available to help.

Congratulations to the Business Woman of the Year, as well as all of the other nominees.

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