Schwarzberg & Associates presented Employment Law Breakfast Seminar on “Hurricanes: Managing Through The Storms.”

by | Aug 11, 2010 | Notables & Events

hurricane2Schwarzberg & Associates presented Employment Law Breakfast Seminar on “Hurricanes: Managing Through The Storms.”

August 11th from 7:45 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

With hurricane season officially underway and a tropical storm brewing in the Atlantic, employers need to have a plan for dealing with a potential disaster. Our seminar will assist employers with the myriad of issues they may face in attempting to prevent, manage, and respond to employment issues which may arise as a result of a hurricane or major storm.

This seminar addressed:

  1. Are your employee policies prepared for a hurricane or other disaster?
  2. What special pay practices must you know about?
    • What are your obligations under the FLSA to pay your non-exempt and exempt employees when your business is closed due to a disaster?
    • How to handle layoffs, reduction of pay and reduction of work hours;
    • What are you obligations to compensate employees for “on-call,” “waiting,” and “volunteer” time?
    • When are you required to pay PTO, vacation or other forms of leave when your business is closed?
  3. What are the essential elements of a disaster plan?
  4. What are Human Resources’ and Payroll’s unique obligations and responsibilities during and after the storm?
  5. What are the implications for terminating an employee who refuses or is unable to work just before, during or after a storm?
  6. What special considerations exist with respect to Florida Workers’ Compensation and OSHA?
  7. What are the requirements to comply with the federal WARN Act, which imposes notice requirements on employers with 100+ employees for certain plant closings and/or mass layoffs?;
  8. How would the Family and Medical Leave Act apply to employees affected by a natural disaster entitled to leave for a serious health condition caused by the disaster?;
  9. How does the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act apply for those employees who are also part of an emergency services organization (such as the National Guard or a Reserve unit)?
  10. How should an employer deal with ERISA and COBRA coverage decisions during a time of disaster?
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