Some offices are a real zoo.

by | Aug 1, 2016 | Advertising, Schwarberg & Associates

Finding a fantastic place to work – and great people to work with – is a real challenge.

Some offices are filled with monkey business. Others are worthy of being named one of South Florida’s Best Places to Work.

sfbj-2-22-08-Best-Places-To-WorkYet the path to a harmonious workplace where all employers follow the laws of the workplace jungle can be bumpy. Employees may bring claims for such things as overtime compensation, retaliation or discrimination.

Whether you’re an employer who seeks to evaluate its exposure to such claims, needs employee training, its handbooks updated, a check of its FLSA compliance, or is already facing workplace litigation, our team of employment law litigators is available to help.

Congratulations to the Best Places to Work winners. For those companies still working on their flock, maybe a workplace compliance check is in order.

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