Steven Schwarzberg helps underwrite Bearing Witness™, a program that educates on the Holocaust and contemporary anti-Semitism

by | Jan 2, 2008 | Notables & Events

Catholic Educators Bear Witness To Holocaust

Bear-WitnessAt a time when the world is filled with inter-religious conflict and international headlines report trends of religious extremism, Catholic and Jewish communities came together. ADL, in collaboration with the Archdiocese of Miami, hosted a unique educational opportunity for Catholic school educators from the Dioceses of Miami, Palm Beach and New Orleans on the Holocaust and contemporary anti-Semitism. The first Florida Bearing Witness™ program, a three-day teacher institute, was held at St. Thomas University in Miami Gardens and the Jewish Museum of Florida in Miami Beach.

Bearing Witness™ in Miami was generously underwritten by Mr. David and Senator Nan Rich; from a grant from LEAH (League for the Education and Awareness of the Holocaust); and by Steven L. Schwarzberg, in memory of his beloved parents, Bluma and Abraham Schwarzberg. Since its Inception, Bearing Witness has trained nearly 1000 Catholic school educators across North America.

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